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Infinite Performance Group | Denver/Boulder, CO

Our Approach

Our mission is your success, so our approach is one that leads to long-term success rather than short-term quick fixes.

Your training investment shouldn't be a gamble.

We know that only a small percentage of people actually apply new skills in their jobs once training is over. You need to know the results you can expect from your training investment. You need a training partner whose sole mission is your success.

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10 Reasons to Engage Sandler Sales Training

1. So you can learn to focus on how people buy and not how you sell
• People buy for own reasons, not yours
• Saying you’re the best, your product is the cheapest, etc. means nothing. What do you think your competition is saying?
• Learning fancy closes won’t make the kind of difference you’re looking for

2. So you can sell your product or service without sounding like a salesperson.
• There are many who need people to use their service, but cringe at the thought of attempting to “sell” it to possible clients
• In attempting to not sound like a salesperson, they end up not saying anything useful to help them consistently secure new business

3. To learn to prospect more effectively to increase your opportunities to get new business.
• Some people have to cold call, some go to networking events 5 days a week, some people avoid prospecting altogether
• Many have one thing in common poor or no results
• There’s a reason for that and several ways to break out of that mold

4.To learn how to consistently develop a sales opportunity from prospecting to close without a “I’ll think it over.”
• There are ways to drastically reduce the number of TIO’s in your life
• What’s needed is a system that helps you continually move the process forward of close the file

5. To develop the guts to have the tough conversation or ask the tough questions
• Many times we don’t ask the questions we need to because we’re scared to lose the sale
• You can’t lose what you never had in the first place

6. To be held accountable to do the behaviors you know you should be doing to generate business.
• Many times you know what you should be doing, but don’t have anyone to check to see if you’re doing it
• With training, week in and week out, you have to a built-in accountability partner to keep you on the track you need to be on

7. To become sane again
• There’s a gap between where you are and where you want to be
• You keep doing the same things you’ve always done, yet you’re expecting different results definition of insanity

8. To learn to recognize different behavioral styles and how to most effectively sell to them.
• Buying behavior and decision-making varies with personality styles
• The more you know about them, the better you can adjust your style and approach to increase your chances of success

9. To have a weekly outlet to learn, strategize, and receive input from others that will positively affect your business.
• Sometimes it takes a fresh set of eyes to see the answer to a problem or another way of looking at it
• Hearing others succeed using things you’ve both learned increases your likelihood of putting those things into play and
getting similar successes

10. To reduce the number of proposals you do, while increasing your closing percentage
• Nothing worse than cranking out a proposal, only to have your idea stolen
• Or writing something up only to discover the prospect’s not serious
• Our system teaches you how to increase your proposal to deals closed ratio

The Definitive Path to Sales Mastery

Continuing with our commitment to effective, scientific and methodical sales training, Sandler Certification delivers measurable results at every step as participants progress from competent to proficient.

We apply our foundational philosophy to all our training and consultative services:

  • Sales Training

    Takes our nontraditional approach of constant reinforcement for lasting change, whether applied to individual sales professionals or entire sales teams.

  • Corporate Training

    Enables large, global or national companies to achieve their goals, whether for Sales, Customer Service or Management/Leadership.

  • Leadership Training

    Helps managers and business leaders at any level of an organization become more effective.

How We Work with Prospective Clients

First Meeting – Every client has unique circumstances. We first need to understand your challenges and your priorities before we both decide to move ahead in the process.

Benchmarking – As is the case with companies, each employee, manager and owner/executives is unique. Before we begin to lay out a concrete solution or attempt problem solving, we first assess the individuals on the team that are responsible for implementing the training / solution. Our benchmarking process also helps identify who can perform at the expected level, who will not perform at that level and who is open to change; self-awareness and growth (are they “trainable”)?

In addition to using the benchmarking data to tailor training & growth plans for individuals, the data also enables us to spot overall team strengths and areas for composite growth (for firms with multiple people on the team that will be trained and coached).
The benchmarking phase does not obligate either party to an on-going training or coaching relationship. This is especially critical for firms that may have a small percentage of “trainable” people.

Presentation of the Benchmarking Data – Company leadership is debriefed on the data from the benchmarking assessments. It is at this point that both parties mutually agree if an on-going relationship makes sense and what appropriate training and coaching agendas for “trainable” participants would be.

100% Management Buy-In and Participation – Training or coaching initiatives fail without sincere support from management. Managers must not only participate in specific segments; they must also agree to reinforce the fundamental concepts during their reviews coaching and discussions with team members and prospective hires.

On-going Reinforcement – Changing habits and thought patterns with regard to job performance and the desired behavior you are seeking is typically not a onetime event or short-term undertaking. Your commitment to behavior change and the growth of your team almost always requires not only a commitment of resources, but a commitment of time and a willingness to leave your comfort zones. It may involve short-term pain, for long-term gain.

Reinforcement training takes place through: Classroom training, Problem-solving workshops, High-energy boot camps and Interactive multi-media material via Sandler Online.

This combination of delivery methods will help your people more quickly master and apply their new skills. In turn, that will accelerate your learning path and multiply your successes.

Activity Tracking and Accountability – Training without execution is often "entertrainment." While it might be fun, it leaves a void in return on time and money invested. For meaningful behavioral change and skill improvement, an ACTION plan with a commitment to doing a steady regimen of behaviors is required. Tracking specific activities reinforces goal commitments, confirms progress and establishes benchmarks for your team's growth and improved performance.

ROI Analysis – Improvement must be gauged in terms of measurable productivity, client satisfaction and ultimately growth in revenue and profitability. While most clients initially look for topline growth, there are other key metrics to measure. Example: Length of sales cycle, improved pipeline management and customer engagement should also be closely monitored.

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