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Infinite Performance Group | Denver/Boulder, CO

Contact Sandler Training for Availability to Speak at Your Next Meeting, Event or Conference

Our trainers are sought after keynote speakers at industry trade associations, conferences & meetings. They consistently rates as a top speaker among attendees on subjects concerning, leadership, management, sales & business development and customer service.

Our Speaking Topics

Our speaking topics expertise span a wide range of subjects that can be custom-tailored to your industry or group's meeting, conference or event to deliver practical, insightful and motivational content. Most topics are delivered NOT as lectures, but as interactive, participant-centered workshops. Sample topics:

• Leadership: Establishing a Culture of Action and Productivity
• Sales Training: Break the Rules and Sell More
• Business Development for Attorneys, Architects, Accounting and Engineering Professionals
• Selling for Non-Selling Professionals
• How to Maximize LinkedIn to Set More New Prospect Appointments
• How to Hire Salespeople Who Don't Suck
• Endless Referrals
• Customer Service: How to make sure EVERYONE on your team helps contribute to your service and revenue mission
• Effective Communication Strategies: How to Eliminate Tension and Misunderstanding With Your Teammates and Clients
• NO MORE COLD CALLS! 21st Century Alternatives to Cold Call Calling
• What to do When Your Networking is NOT working
• Negotiating with the Savvy Buyer
• Why Salespeople Fail, and How to Fix It